New Cache Poisoning Attack Lets Attackers Target CDN Protected Sites
A team of German cybersecurity researchers has discovered a new cache poisoning attack against web caching systems that could be used by an attacker to [...]
NordVPN Breach FAQ – What Happened and What's At Stake?
NordVPN, one of the most popular and widely used VPN services out there, yesterday disclosed details of a security incident that apparently compromised [...]
Cynet's Vulnerability Assessment Enables Organizations to Dramatically Reduce their Risk Exposure
Protection from cyberattacks begins way before attackers launch their weapons on an organization. Continuously monitoring the environment for security [...]
Stealthy Microsoft SQL Server Backdoor Malware Spotted in the Wild
Cybersecurity researchers claim to have discovered a previously undocumented backdoor specifically designed for Microsoft SQL servers that could allow [...]
DSA-4547 tcpdump
Debian Security Advisory DSA-4547-1 tcpdump -- security update Date Reported: 21 Oct 2019 Affected Packages: tcpdump Vulnerable: Yes Security database [...]
DSA-4548 openjdk-8
Debian Security Advisory DSA-4548-1 openjdk-8 -- security update Date Reported: 21 Oct 2019 Affected Packages: openjdk-8 Vulnerable: Yes Security [...]
DSA-4546 openjdk-11
DSA-4546 openjdk-11
Debian Security Advisory DSA-4546-1 openjdk-11 -- security update Date Reported: 20 Oct 2019 Affected Packages: openjdk-11 Vulnerable: Yes Security [...]
DSA-4545 mediawiki
Microsoft to Reward Hackers for Finding Bugs in Open Source Election Software
Fair elections are the lifelines of democracy, but in recent years election hacking has become a hot topic worldwide.Whether it's American voting [...]
DSA-4545 mediawiki
Debian Security Advisory DSA-4545-1 mediawiki -- security update Date Reported: 18 Oct 2019 Affected Packages: mediawiki Vulnerable: Yes Security [...]
Chrome for Android Enables Site Isolation Security Feature for All Sites with Login
After enabling 'Site Isolation' security feature in Chrome for desktops last year, Google has now finally introduced 'the extra line of [...]
Sudo Flaw Lets Linux Users Run Commands As Root Even When They're Restricted
Attention Linux Users!A vulnerability has been discovered in Sudo—one of the most important, powerful, and commonly used utilities that comes as a core [...]
Feds Shut Down Largest Dark Web Child Abuse Site; South Korean Admin Arrested
The United States Department of Justice said today that they had arrested hundreds of criminals in a global crackdown after taking down the largest known [...]
Phorpiex Botnet Sending Out Millions of Sextortion Emails Using Hacked Computers
A decade-old botnet malware that currently controls over 450,000 computers worldwide has recently shifted its operations from infecting machines with [...]
A Comprehensive Guide On How to Protect Your Websites From Hackers
Humankind had come a long way from the time when the Internet became mainstream. What started as a research project ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects [...]
DSA-4544 unbound
Facebook Now Pays Hackers for Reporting Security Bugs in 3rd-Party Apps
Following a series of security mishaps and data abuse through its social media platform, Facebook today expanding its bug bounty program in a very unique [...]
DSA-4544 unbound
Debian Security Advisory DSA-4544-1 unbound -- security update Date Reported: 16 Oct 2019 Affected Packages: unbound Vulnerable: Yes Security database [...]
Adobe Releases Out-of-Band Security Patches for 82 Flaws in Various Products
No, it's not a patch Tuesday.It's the third Tuesday of the month, and as The Hacker News shared an early heads-up late last week on Twitter, [...]