Apache Fancy Pages
Modern drop in replacement for default Apache index/error pages.
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Modern drop in replacement for default Apache index/error pages.

preview_auto-index-ondesktop preview_auto-index-on-mobile preview_error-401


  • Responsive design
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Search/filter results
  • Light/Dark theme based on user prefered color scheme
  • Replacement for default error pages: 401, 403, 404, 500


  • Apache >= 2.4


Debian based server

  • Install package:

    Packages (.deb) are available on packages.kristuff.fr/debian/. You can configure apt to connect kristuff repository (see instructions here: packages.kristuff.fr/) and install it:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install apache-fancy-pages

    Alternatively, you can download the latest package and install it using dpkg -i:

    # Adjust version X.X.X
    wget https://packages.kristuff.fr/debian/pool/main/a/apache-fancy-pages/apache-fancy-pages_X.X.X_all.deb
    dpkg -i apache-fancy-pages_X.X.X_all.deb
  • Enable fancy-index conf:

    The fancy-index.conf contains an alias for url /fancy-pages to serve template, style, script and icons files. Enable this conf to set fancy-index enabled everywhere Options Indexes is enabled.

    a2enconf fancy-index
    systemctl reload apache2


    Additionally You can enable the fancy-index-tests conf to test index with fake content. The tests directory contain empty files with various extensions.

    a2enconf fancy-index-tests
    systemctl reload apache2

    Tests directory is then available to the following url: EXAMPLE.COM/fancy-index-tests/.

  • Enable fancy-error conf:

    The fancy-error.conf contains an alias for url /fancy-error to serve templates on error and prevent thme to be directly requested.

    a2enconf fancy-error
    systemctl reload apache2


Other distros/manual install

  1. Clone this repo on github (could be not up to date with the latest build).

  2. Copy the folder /assets/ to /usr/share/apache-fancy-pages. Adjust permissions to be readable by web server.

  3. Copy the files in /conf/ to apache conf available directory (debian /etc/apache2/conf-available)

  4. Enable conf and restart Apache.

Source code

Source code is available on github.