Css Filter generator
Générateur de filtre CSS pour une couleur
css filter color

Cet outil permet de créer un filtre CSS pour une couleur donnée. Cela peut être très utile pour modifier la couleur d'images SVG par exemple.

L'outil provient de codepen. Cette version se dispense simplement de jQuery.

The goal was to be able to create custom style sheets and allow for the coloring of icons for Creating a Dovetail Agent Theme.

For this code to work well the starting color needs to be black. If your icon set isn't black you can prepend "brightness(0) saturate(100%)" to your filter property which will first turn the icon set to black.

For as long as I worked on creating this solution from multiple resources I found some had spent far longer to create this already completed solution. Only slightly modified to focus on HEX colors. Credit goes to MultiplyByZer0 for their post https://stackoverflow.com/a/43960991/604861

filter: invert(46%) sepia(66%) saturate(2437%) hue-rotate(162deg) brightness(96%) contrast(101%);

Couleur réelle, appliquée via la propriété CSS background-color:

Couleur filtrée, appliquée via la propriété CSS filter: